How to boost your revenue opportunities?

January 9, 2017

Boost Your Revenue

There are countless revenue opportunities for printers that originate from non-print services.

Are some commercial printers missing on revenue opportunities in the marketing supply chain? The answer is “Yes”! The bigger question is, are you one of them?

Product promotion and marketing is different for each client. As a printer you must be part of their marketing supply chain by printing flyers, promo and other stationary for them but have you ever think about to become whole chain?

boost revenue oppertunity

Many of you may have contacts with apparel manufacturer, sign writers and so on and you may have enough space for your added inventory.

When your clients decide to promote any product or event or new location they need signage, stationary and apparel. You may play small role as a stationary printer but what about if you handle everything for your clients from small pint to big wide format banner or signage? Do you think this can boost your revenue? The answer is “Yes”.
On other hand your client will love this because they don’t have to go to vendor A for signage, B for their T-Shirt, C for their promotional flyer and so on. Your clients main focus is on their event or promotion or new opening so its easy for them to ring only one vendor which is you and ask whats going on or how long it takes?

If you are responsible for producing and fulfilling printed assets, why not take care of the rest and make life easier for your clients?

As a printer you should tap into new revenue streams. Your clients want you to do it. If you can save them time and money you should definitely put the offer on the table. More likely they will say yes please. This is win win situation for both of you. You can also save more money by doing optimization of your equipment.