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Corporate identity is the visual aspect of corporate style and personality. It’s a combination of colour, graphics, and typography with guidelines for using these elements for all media types. These types of media include your website, marketing materials, social media profiles, and other physical representations of your company. The visual elements in these media include your logo, your colour palette, fonts, and everything that provides a visual representation of your company.

If you establish a clear and consistent corporate identity, you will achieve a unique image that clearly differentiates you from your competitors. In this way, a uniform appearance in all communication creates a strong brand. In order to ensure consistency across all media, it is helpful to create a style guide. This guide ensures that every time your target audience sees your company online or offline, it is presented consistently and is therefore more memorable.

Creating a Brand identity Design

Brand identity is the promise that a company makes to its customers. It can consist of features and attributes, advantages, performance, quality, service, support and the values ​​of the brand. Your brand identity plays a role in whether a customer chooses you over your competitors. Think of your brand identity as your positioning statement with a personality and a set of values. A well-implemented brand identity makes you notable, creates trust and can lead to brand loyalty of your customers.

brand identity design

There are 7 key design elements you need to create a brand identity that is strong, consistent, and attractive.

  1. Clear brand purpose and positioning
  2. Thorough market research
  3. Likable brand personality
  4. Memorable logo
  5. Attractive colour palette
  6. Professional typography
  7. On-brand supporting graphics

Your Brand Image

Brand image is how a customer thinks or feels about your brand based on the experience they may have had interacting with your company. It is one of the company’s most valuable assets, based off the customer’s perception of the quality, service, and intangible associations that come to mind when coming into contact with the brand name.

Your brand image is dependent on whether this experience is good or bad. Or to put it more simply, your brand image affects your reputation. If, for instance, the customer has a negative experience, you have to work hard to change the way your brand is perceived. On the other hand, when customers have positive experiences, you are more likely to build customer loyalty and a very strong competitive advantage for your brand. The most important thing you can do when creating your brand identity is to make sure that your customers’ perception of your brand image matches the way you want to be perceived, i.e. the brand identity.

Company branding package

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