Custom Stationary

Branded stationary in not just a pen, a piece of paper, or a business card, but a way to express your brand’s creativity and quality without needing to say a single word. Stationary is the physical medium through which people can interact with your business. It creates an opportunity for the customer to see and feel what you are capable of as a business. For this reason, it’s important to make sure that everything you put your logo to is undeniably a part of your wider branding vision.  

How to make your custom stationary unique

There are almost no limits to what you can print a logo on these days. Pens, notebooks, stress toys, bottle openers, the only real limit is your imagination (and budget). Matching the right promotional product to your needs, and the way you adapt your design to the medium is what is going have the greatest impact on how people perceive your brand. 

Stationary in all shapes and sizes

die cut business cards

Want a business card the shape of a leaf, a flyer that resembles the silhouette of a car, well buckle up because with die cutting any shape is now possible in printing. Die cutting is similar to the way you would cut cookie dough with a cookie cutter, but instead of a delicious mixture of flour, sugar, and butter – its paper! Uniquely cut print pieces allows you to flex those creative marketing muscles and to create a print design that is truly unforgettable!

Its all in the finishing

There are three main finishes you can achieve with paper printing; uncoated, satin/semi-gloss, and gloss. On top of these finishes, you can also add spot UV to add that hit of ‘oo la la’ to certain areas on your design. You can also use specialty paper stocks to get a more textural experience out of your printing.

Experiment with your print!

diecut stationary

If you have the extra budget, it’s always worth trying to experiment with new ink, paper, and finishing combinations. You never know, you might just find the one that screams ‘THIS IS ME’ as a brand. There are always new printing innovations being introduced into the printing sphere. To check out our latest offerings, keep an eye on our social media or check out our blog space for more updates!

Not just for your employees

Branded stationary also serves as the perfect give away items to ensure that people remember your brand long after you meet. Good quality promotional products are more likely to be kept and used over and over again, keeping your message around for longer. You can also include them in gift hampers or even as part of new client kits so they can always keep you close at hand. Try to aim for items that have a more universal appeal like notebooks, pens, and sticky notes. No one wants additional clutter so make sure that whatever you give away has a practical purpose to increase the likely hood of not being thrown away.

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