Easter printing

With Easter right around the corner its time to think about how to promote your business in the chocolate filled-bunny hopping season. Advertising your Easter promotion through print is a great way to get noticed by your local community.

Easter promotional printing

Easter Poster

Flyers and posters are classics for a reason. They can get your message out quickly to your target audience and promote your Easter sales. Flyers and posters are also generally inexpensive to produce and can integrate well with your digital marketing. Contact us today to get a free quote on your Easter flyers and Easter posters.

Easter Recipe Cards

Another great way to get noticed is to create branded Easter recipe cards with recipes for hot cross buns, truffles, and other Easter goodies. These cards are more likely to be kept for longer periods of time with the consumer referring back to them to create their Easter goodies at home. Its best practice to offer these Easter recipe cards with pre-made samples to further entice your audience to take a card home with them. If you need help designing a recipe card, our design team is here to help, check out our design page for more information.

recipe card

Custom Branded Easter Baskets

paper easter basket

We all know the adorable homemade paper baskets kids can make at school to go Easter hunting. Well, you can now also print branded versions to give away as Easter promotions for kids to customise and use. These paper baskets are usually die cut and scored to make it easier for kids (and adults) to assemble. If these Easter baskets are being die cut, the artwork does need to be created quite a bit in advance so that there is time for the die to be created. If, however the design is to be cut out by hand by the end user, they can be printed within a week of receiving/creating the artwork.

Easter Packaging

Its common for cafes and restaurants to add a little Easter flair to their packaging in the weeks leading up to Easter. This can include custom printed boxes, envelopes, cards and more! Here at Q Print Group, we can also create customised tags and stickers to put on pre-existing items to sell during the Easter period.

custom easter stickers

Need more Easter printing ideas?

Contact us today to see what more we can do for you to help promote your business during the Easter holidays.

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