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So you have a stack of business cards, congratulations! You now have a physical piece of business/brand marketing. But what next? Well this is where many people and businesses falter as they are unsure how to best utilise business cards to build their social network. This article aims to give you some tips and tricks to help you get the most mileage out of your business cards.

1. Add your business cards to outgoing deliveries

If you are a small/medium business, add a business card or small flyer to out going deliveries. On the business card itself it’s a good idea to include information on how to reorder a product or a product discount code. This small inclusion of the business card helps to create repeat buyers and if the recipient liked your product enough, they could even give them away to their friends.

2. Protect your business cards

Nothing says unprofessional like business cards that are damaged due to poor care. The best way to avoid that is to keep your cards clean and crisp in a protective case. This protective case can be as simple as a paper sleeve or as elaborate as a wooden box. Its ideal to have a few cases with backup cards that can be kept in your drawer, your car, your wallet, and other places within reach so you can pull out a crisp new card at a moments notice.

3. Always have a few cards on you

How to use business cards

Networking can happen any time and anywhere. You could be waiting in line at the coffee shop and the start talking to the person in front of you who turns out to be a great networking opportunity. In order to take advantage of these spontaneous moments, its key to have a few business cards on your so you don’t have to write out your contact details on a napkin that can be accidentally thrown away. Always try to have a few spare cards in your wallet or bag and top them up as needed at the end of the day.

4. Seek opportunities to exchange your business cards

Let’s face it, the coffee shop situation, while possible, isn’t the most efficient way to exchange your business cards. You should always be seeking opportunities where you can actively network and give out your contact details. Good places to do so include one on one meetings, social events, business conventions, business networking events and so on.

5. Don’t let the business card do all the talking

Business cards are meant to be tools to help people remember you after your meeting. Its good practice to hand them out at the end of a conversation after a personal connection has been made. Handing out your business cards right from the get go can seem in-genuine and a little desperate. It should be a natural exchange as you part ways.

6. Give emphasis and care when exchanging your cards

Make sure when you are giving your card away that you are acknowledging the other person with a smile. Hold the card in the corners face up so the card can be easily read and the recipient can see all the details. This clear sign of gratitude and respect helps give a good first impression, no matter who you are giving the business cards to.

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