Valentines day marketing

Valentines day can be a tricky holiday to market around with its heavy focus on romance and couples. That does not mean it is impossible however as there are a great number of avenues you can use to get your business on the map of love this valentine’s day. This article aims to help give some inspiration to small and medium businesses on how they can market their brand to their customers during the first few weeks of February.

Sending a physical valentine’s day card

A great way to both market your company and to make your customers feel special is to send them a beautiful valentines day card with a special offer just for those who receive it. The type of offer should be closer to a free coupon deal like a free drink/side with a meal, or a two for one voucher. It is recommended to avoid discount coupons (like 10% off the value of an item) because they feel less like a gift and more like a sales pitch.

This option should be reserved for repeat customers, to try and make them feel valued and recognise their continued support of your business. If possible, personalising these valentine’s day cards will also do a great deal in helping to strengthen that connection between you and your customer.

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Valentines day marketing

Create a special Valentine’s day offer

This is a long-term staple of valentine’s day marketing. Businesses like florists, cafes, and restaurants will often have valentine’s day only offers like special menus or deals catered to couples to help them celebrate. Even during a pandemic there is value in trying to help create that special valentine’s moment for your customers.

Offer a signature valentine’s day item

This idea is again very popular in places where you can eat and drink as the cooks and bartenders can create special valentine’s day cocktails, desserts, meals and so on. This is a great way to make your valentines day offers feel more unique and special as they are for a limited time only.

Include special valentine’s day packaging

This is great idea for retail stores. You can design and print custom branded valentine’s day wraps, bags, stickers, or wrapping paper which you can use to package/gift wrap your customers purchased items. It’s an inexpensive way to show how much you care and any that are left over can be recycled or reused the following year.

Final notes on marketing your business this valentine’s day

It is a good idea to try to keep your marketing inclusive to your single customers in addition to those in relationships by emphasising how much they individually mean to you as a business. Keeping the feeling of valentine’s day more as a general celebration of love and appreciation instead of focusing too much on the typical romantic aspects of the day can help to keep your messaging accessible to anyone.

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