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A good logo is central to all business branding. It’s your visual signature that represents your company to your customers, other businesses, and to your own employees. In this respect, a logo can have a huge impact on your brand presentation and recognition, so you want to make sure that you have a good one. Our designers here at Q Print Group are experts in logos and branding. They can create high quality logos and branding that will be perfectly tailored to your business. They can also update an old logo design and branding to give your business a fresh start. Contact us today for a free design consultation.  

Business logo design

logo design

All businesses have a logo. This is because a logo is your unique thumbprint on the marketplace and help to separate you from your competition. But what makes a good business logo design? This entirely depends on what kind of business you run. You want to make sure that your logo easily reflects the values and purpose of your business. If you were a farming business for example, you are unlikely to have a rocket ship in your logo as this sends a confusing message to your customers about what your business is about. You are much more likely to have imagery of cattle, rolling hills, produce, and so on because this is what people most associate with your business. There are exceptions of course, but the main rule of thumb is that you want your logo represent your purpose as a business, and a bit of stylistic flair to boot. 

What should your logo include?

What to include in your logo is dependent on what you and your designer feel would be the best way interpretation your business into a logo format. Having an icon that in some way represents your business is a great way to communicate what you do and what area of the market you are likely to be. Including the name of the business (and the occasional tag line) is highly recommended for new logos as, unless you are a big company like apple or Microsoft, its very hard to be recognised for an icon alone. Our designers here at Q Print can work closely with you to help create a new business logo design that reflects your business and business ideals. It all starts with us asking you; what do you want your logo to say?

business logo design

Custom logo design

Want a new custom logo for your business? Well we can help you. Our team of designers are highly skilled in creating new and interesting custom logo designs. We can do anything from text logos, graphic logos, icons, picture logos, and more! Check out our design work and contact us to get started on your new custom logo design today!

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