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Lenovo - Christmas Fruit Hamper

Packaging is an important part of most businesses. It protects your products and the exterior is an important part of visual communication with your customer. 

In 2019 we created a fruit Christmas hamper for Lenovo. The packaging of the Christmas hamper was designed to resemble a server box. This is just one example of our custom packaging design solutions. For more information visit out packaging printing page

custom packaging design
event poster design

Kalinga - Event Poster

Posters are an essential part of any business’s marketing campaign. They are big bold statements about you and your business and have make a huge impact when used effectively. 

Kalinga fun run is a series of poster designs that we have done over the past few years. It advertises a local fun run that is free for the local community. We design a lot of event posters here at Q Print Group and we could design your next poster too.  View our poster printing services for more information. 


Watt Boutique - Business Card Design

A Business card is the most popular way for people to share their business with others in person. Due to their frequent use in networking, having a good business card design should be a high priority for every business.

Here at Q Print, we are professional business card printers and our team of designers are here to help you get the best business card design for your business. For more information, visit our business card design page.

business card design
booklet design

Pitcher Partners - Booklet Design

Booklets are a great marketing tool that celebrates the culture and success of a company. It reflects the personality and vision of your brand and helps build rapport with your audience.

Booklet design can include anything from annual reports to product catalogues. For our full list of booklet printing services, read our booklet printing article that goes into more detail about the different types of booklets and binding methods.


St Stephens Cathedral - Calendar

Calendars are a great way to advertise your business/brand all year round. They also serve as great organisation tools for religious organisations, clubs, and schools.

Here at Q Print we can create custom calendar designs for you and your organisation. View our calendar printing services for more information. 

custom calendar
brochure map


Tour De Brisbane - Map Brochure

Brochures are a great way to get large volumes of information out to your customers. Take for example this brochure we designed for the 2020 Tour De Brisbane which has a large full page map, detailing all the routes for the event. 

Here at Q Print we can create custom brochures such as these for your business or organisation. Check out our brochure design page for more information. 


Caravanning QLD - Caravan Parks Magazine

Our Design team worked closely with Caravanning Queensland to create the 2022 Edition of the Caravan Parks Catalogue. Contact us today to see how we can help you design your next magazine or business brochure for your business!


Caravanning Catalogue


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