Pantone Colour of the year 2022

Hailed as a ‘Fusing together the constancy and continuity of blue with the energy and excitement of red’ PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri was announced in late 2021 as 2022 Pantone’s colour of the year(1). Very Peri is also the first custom colour in Pantone’s colour of the year cycle after another first in 2021 with a duo of colours. This periwinkle blue with red undertones is a vibrant and whimsical colour that is a bold choice when it comes to printing.

Very Peri in Printing

Most printers use CMYK colours in their printing. The closest CMYK value for Very Peri is 27c 27m 0y 33k.

Very Peri in CMYK

While a close match, like many other pantone colours, an exact replication of this colour is near impossible. CMYK inks just fall short of the subtle vibrance in Very Peri, but here at Q Print Group, we have a new Fluro PINK ink that allows us to get a near perfect match to PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri.

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Due to the fact that Very Peri is a new custom colour, it won’t appear in any pre-produced pantone swatch books. Printers and designers who need a physical copy of the Very Peri swatch will need to order it from the Pantone website which creates a cost barrier, limiting its wide use. While some could argue this makes the Very Peri colour more valuable in its exclusivity, in reality this just means less people can enjoy its vibrant hue.

Is Very Peri right for you?

Does your business pride itself on being up to date with the latest design trends? Do you need to refresh your brand and want to use what is current in your design? If you answered yes to either of these questions, integrating Very Peri into your marketing could be a great way to keep your brand looking fresh. For businesses not so dependent on design trends, using Veri Peri may not be necessary as an extra expense in their marketing budget.

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