Pull up banners are large portrait banners that can be set up to be displayed and packed away easily. The portability of pull up banners makes them very versatile in their function as they can be displayed both in store or taken with you to events. Pull up banner are also physically large displays which allows them to get a lot of visual attention from people, especially when you are at events or places where larger signage is advantageous.

pull up banner printing Brisbane

Standard Pull up Banner Size:

  • Pull up banner 850 x 2000mm
  • Pull up banner 850 x 1400mm (Perfect for shopping centres)
  • Pull up banner 1000 x 2000mm

Because of the mechanism which the banners are displayed, they are limited in what sizes they can come in.

Pull Up Banner Printing Options

  • Standard Pull up banner
  • Premium Pull up Banner

Promotional Banners

Banners are most widely used for promoting a business at events such as exhibitions, tradeshows, and product launches. They can also be used as promotional material in retail stores, shops, and offices. Because of their ability to be placed and presented with ease, they are a great flexible way to promote your product or business wherever you want. 

Corporate Pull up Banner

Pull up banners are great for corporate settings. Due to their large size they are perfect for group presentations and meetings where branding is important.

Background for online video meetings

Due to the recent Pandemic, pull up banners now also have the added advantage of being able to serve as a portable background for you in any video conference meetings. They can block out the view of your home, as well as giving you a more professional appearance. Once you are done, they can be stored away under beds or in closets. Once the pandemic is over, they can also serve as general signage when you are back at work.

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