What are Specialty inks?

Specialty inks are white and metallic inks that can be used in conjunction with regular CMYK inks. They are opaque and have a large number of design and printing applications. Specialty inks allow us to do customisation options with our printers for the direct benefit of our customers.

Metallic inks

Specialty ink printing Brisbane

Metallic ink is created by adding metal particles to the ink which reflect the light and give your project a unique metallic look. Metallic ink is a spot colour, which means that it is a premixed ink instead being made up of the conventional CMYK colours. We offer metallic inks in both gold and silver, which can also be combined with standard CMYK inks to create a wide variety of metallic colours.

Metallic Ink vs. Foil Stamping

Metallic ink is a uniquely mixed ink that is printed in a similar way to CMYK inks, foil stamping on the other hand applies metallic foil to your printed paper material with heat and pressure. Both methods achieve a unique metallic aesthetic, and different projects will vary to which of the two approaches will have a better result.

Pros and Cons of Metallic Ink and Foil Stamping

Metallic ink has a more subtle effect than metallic foils because it is applied to your project during the initial printing process which can later be coated with a finish. Conversely, foil stamping, has a more reflective effect and a very realistic metallic sheen. It is usually applied to a project post the initial printing process and other additional finishes.

Small, intricate designs work best for metallic ink because it is applied during the printing process. Foil stamping doesn’t work as well because the design is cut out of foil material and has a higher margin of error. For these more detailed and complicated designs, metallic ink would suit better because of its softer sheen. Additionally, some designers believe that using too much foiling can create a less tasteful appearance, and instead opt for metallic ink for these applications.

Another advantage of metallic ink id that it offers a wide range of colour options. This is because the ink colour of your choice is mixed with gold or silver metal particles. Metallic ink is also usually the more economical option compared to foil stamping.

Metallic inks also have additional uses in terms of security. Any printing project that has metallic inks cannot be replicated using standard CMYK printers. This means that any coupons or tickets that have the potential to be photocopied cannot be replicated if they include metallic inks.

Uses for White Ink

White inks are mostly used to create an underlay of white to create unique colour images on dark media. This is most often used when printing on brown cardstock or other coloured printing stocks. White ink can also be used on its own on clear media to create striking decals.

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