In a world where technology and digital media are developing at a rapid pace, it can be easy to assume that business cards are a relic of the past. There is certainly an element of truth to this, however like many things, the real answer has more nuance.

Before the internet really took off in the late 90s and early 2000s, business cards were an essential part of any working professional’s kit. They were often the main way for potential clients or business connections to contact you. Today, business cards serve a more complimentary role in face to face networking as the internet and social media have helped to push networking beyond the physical space. With these factors in mind, lets look at why you should get a business card in the 21st century.

Why should you have a business card?

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1. Business cards promote your brand to your customers

Business cards don’t just serve as a piece of card stock with your contact details, they have evolved into small effective marketing tools that spread brand awareness.  Take a look at any business today, they often contain branding signifiers like logos, graphics, expressive color palates, and fonts. Business cards are tangible extensions of a brand which is why they should not be overlooked.

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2. Business cards make you look professional

Having a business card ready to hand out like a magician with a magic trick can help improve your credibility with whomever you are networking with. They set a professional tone and speak to your competency as a social networker. They are great to have on you when at networking events, social gatherings, and business events.

3. You are always prepared

The opportunity to network can often come from the most unusual places. Always having a few spare business cards on your person can help you take advantage of these moments and to make a new professional connection.

4. Business cards help people remember you and your business

Business cards are a great way to serve as little reminders when trying to build relationships with people you have just met. This is especially true as these people are unlikely to remember your name after you walk away.  They set the tone of your business and what services you can provide to them should they look to contact you in the future.

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5. Business cards are inexpensive

While perhaps not as important as the other reasons listed, its feels worth mentioning that getting a small stack of 100-200 business cards is a very inexpensive way to get some physical print marketing for your brand or business. Local printers can print them for as low as $10, but even a small bundle of quality business cards can be on the cheaper end when compared to other print marketing.

So what does this all mean?

Well, as mentioned before, business cards today serve a more complimentary role to the brand/business as opposed to a more focused contact based medium. When designing a business card, it needs to be unique to the business, acting as an effective little marketing tool. Business cards are meant to serve as a way to make it easier to contact people so why not get a few, you will be glad you did.

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