Email marketing has been proven to be more successful at acquiring new clients than either Facebook and Twitter. Billions of emails are sent every year. It’s fast, convenient and most importantly, effective. But due to the high volume of email marketing campaigns out there, its crucial to have a well-designed email to break through to your customer. Here at Q Print we are dedicated to creating an effective email design for you to use in your email marketing campaigns.

Great email design needs to capture the attention of the reader right away, otherwise it risks being deleted to never be seen. To avoid the email graveyard, your need to optimize your email campaigns for conversions, to create more clicks, sales, and ultimately, bring revenue in for your business. Popular email marketing campaigns include announcement campaigns, newsletters, and invitation emails.

Key Features of Email Design

When designing an email marketing campaign, you need to keep a few key things in mind.

email design

You need to make your marketing email relevant to the customer. They are much more likely to open an email that appears more personalised to them instead of a generic email blast. For effective email marketing, you should segment your lists and only send relevant offers and content to each unique segment.

Structure your campaign for easy reading. Research shows that an adult’s attention span is eight seconds on average. For this reason, you should structure your emails to help draw people into reading your content and help guide them toward the email’s call to actions.

Make sure your emails are optimised across all devices. Most email these days are opened on mobiles so you need to ensure that your email marketing campaigns do not make it more difficult for these customers to convert.

Always treat your emails as an extension of your brand. Keep your email campaigns consistent with the colours, fonts and branding you use across all your other media. This helps create a level of trust and credibility in your email campaign that reassures your customers that it is safe to click through.

Using these simple tips will help you in your email marketing strategy and can all be catered for by our team of designers.

Email brochure design

Here at Q Print we can also create email brochures for you to send through to your customers. These email brochures can be optimised to fit any screen or device for easy viewing by your customers. Contact our design team today to get started on your next email marketing campaign.

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