eco-friendly printing

With climate change at our door step, now more than ever we must look to more environmentally friendly methods of advertising and doing business.

Eco-friendly printing is one small step that we can take to help and minimise our impact on the environment. At Q Print Group, we offer our customers a wide range of eco-friendly alternatives at competitive prices.

Recycled Paper

We provide a number of recycled paper stocks to chose from with a number of finishes. The quality of our recycled paper is on par with our other, more standard paper stocks. All of our paper is also ethically sourced from our suppliers who use environmentally sustainable processes to minimise their environmental impact.

Our Recycled paper Range includes:

Paper BrandRecommended Uses
Mega Recycled FSCPromotional material, annual reports, direct mail, posters, magazines, catalogues, calendars, business cards, and folders.
Maine Recycled Gloss and SilkBrochures, annual reports, corporate identity, direct mail, folders, greeting cards, magazines, and promotional material.
Conqueror 100% RecycledHigh quality corporate stationary, annual report covers, presentation folders, and invitations. This range also responds well to embellishments such as embossing, foil-stamping and die cutting.
Keykolour 100% RecycledFolders, Document covers, invitations, certificates, greeting cards, and packaging.
Evirocare 100% RecycledCorporate Brochures, flyers, annual reports, newsletters, direct mail, and stationary.
ImpactDirect mail, presentations, letterheads and corporate stationary, brochures & flyers, catalogues, and annual reports.


Using less ink in printing jobs not only keeps costs down but also reduces the need for replacement ink cartridges. Here at Q Print we recycle all our ink cartridges back to our ink suppliers to create less waste in the environment. The main environmental impact for us is the fuel that is used to transport these cartridges to and from our warehouse. Ask one of our friendly designers today to help adapt your artwork to use less ink.


Here at Q Print we try to minimise paper wastage by using digital proofs in the form of PDF. Digital Proofs offer three key advantages over hard copy proofs:

  • They result in less paper wastage
  • They do not require being hand delivered like hard copy proofs which use consume fuel in transport.
  • Reduces the amount of time spent proofing off projects.

Read our article on soft proofing for more information.

You can also decrease the amount of paper wastage by choosing to print with standard paper sizes and die cuts. It is recommended to avoid where possible finishes such a cello, lamination, and metallic inks as they are not all biodegradable and also have a larger impact in the environment.


Environmentally friendly printing

Choosing these eco-friendlier options is a great way to reduce your overall carbon footprint for your business. With so many eco-friendly printing options available at competitive prices, there is no reason to not chose the greener option for your future printing needs. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your next printing job with a focus on the environment.

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